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Logarithmic January 23, 2012

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For the record, my past article in 2006 on…well…you know… tallied up at just over 0.91%.  The document that I used as a reference (from 1992) came up to 0.67%.  Either I’m right on track, or way ahead of my time…

Though 100 years is longer than a lot of our resources

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Ethanol Scam May 17, 2009

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A short while back, I wrote an article on biodiesel, published in the Green Directory here in Montana.  Following is the intro and a link to the original piece:

With President Obama’s emphasis on energy independence, sustainability, and environmental protection, we have heard more and more about production and use of biodiesel fuels. Especially in Montana, with our agricultural history, you may wonder what the effects of the biodiesel economy will be on farmers, local industries, and everyday consumers. Is biodiesel really all it is promised to be? pub.date: 2009-02-20  More…

In that article, I alluded to some of ethanol’s drawbacks and made a general comparison of ethanol to biodiesel.  While the piece was intentionally non-technical, I found some additional information that really drives home the point that ethanol is not the path to energy righteousness.  Please follow this link to read Ed Wallace’s excellent BusinessWeek article about the real-life, everyday effects of ethanol on your vehicle.