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What’s happening to education? October 23, 2012

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Way back in February, Seth Godin posted a “30,000 word manifesto” describing many of his frustrations with modern (and not-so-modern) education.  Now, he has just released a TED video that expands on it and challenges all of us to break the system.

“What is school for?”

In the video, he mentions eight things that could revolutionize education in the U.S. and around the world, IF we have the courage to change the system.

Not to take anything away from Mr. Godin, but as long as we have the system we do, there is an even more insidious force driving us into mediocrity: grade inflation.  Shown below is an interesting comparison of grade distributions over the years.  There are probably many explanations, but we personally have seen the difference between American and Australian schools.  While Godin’s views of education apply equally all over the world, Australia (or, at least Queensland) has at least managed to keep a lid on grade inflation, at least in the public primary and high schools.

From C's to A's
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Industry Roundtable September 2, 2009

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A few months ago, I had a great opportunity to attend the CE News Summit and Expo in Los Angeles.  One of the sessions was a roundtable of land development professionals who commiserated about the challenges discussed the opportunities in this rapidly changing industry.

You can read a transcript of a few of the Q&A exchanges here.  I look forward to more of this kind of interactive discussion among a variety of professionals as we navigate the new economy.

Who Moved My Economy? July 9, 2009

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My latest “hard copy” article in RM3 magazine here in Billings (scroll down to the last post on the page):

Who Moved My Economy?

…PDF version coming soon!

Back to Basics April 11, 2009

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As we negotiate the latest economic hurdles facing our industry and our individual businesses, we face many complex challenges. One of these is the double-edged sword of strategic planning. As usual, our time is constantly under assault from competing interests and conflicting priorities, and strategic planning is often one of the unfortunate casualties. Firms that neglected to fully plan and prepare for these conditions are now likely paying the price in lost business, lost employees, and lost morale. These are critical times, with many firms literally on the brink of collapse, and the ones most in need of a clear course have precious few resources available for plotting it. What is a leader to do? (more…)