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Government vs. Corporations January 19, 2012

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It’s interesting and puzzling that corporations represent “them” while government supposedly represents “us”.  Those supporting the Occupy movements want, among other things, greater accountability for corporations when it comes to social responsibility – through additional regulations and enforcement, one assumes.

But corporations are “us” as well.  Both institutions represent us in different ways.  And regardless of their respective “motivations”, they are both just organizations of individuals.  A corporation has no conscience to speak of – but nor does government.

Somehow, we are to believe that one organization is in a better position to decide the fate of another organization, when both are operated by inherently flawed individuals – and those individuals are ALL of us to some degree or another.  Supposedly, the government organization is more attuned to the pleas of the 99% than the corporations, which I guess therefore represent the 1%.  Or something like that.

I have not seen evidence of this as of yet.  In the meantime, it’s really just a lot of noise.