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In addition to more technical fare, I provide freelance writing services to several local and national publications.  If you are in need of some contract writing services for marketing, case studies, or just some proofreading or editing, feel free to contact me.  Below are links to some of my recent work:

Magic City Magazine

The Magic City Magazine is published by the Billings Gazette.  Montana Survival was published in the May 2009 edition.

The July issue has two more articles: “The Yellowstone Caldera” and “7 Must See State Parks”

Read a short article about Glacier National Park’s disappearing resources from the June/July issue.

Biodiesel in Montana (from the Green Directory)

With President Obama’s emphasis on energy independence, sustainability, and environmental protection, we have heard more and more about production and use of biodiesel fuels. Especially in Montana, with our agricultural history, you may wonder what the effects of the biodiesel economy will be on farmers, local industries, and everyday consumers. Is biodiesel really all it is promised to be? pub.date: 2009-02-20 More…

RM3 Magazine

The new RM3 Magazine has been out for a while, but is growing in popularity.  Here is my first article in the first issue — fittingly about the economy (PDF version).

The August/September 2009 issue has a brief piece about customers, friends, and leads.

Billings Gazette’s Lifewise Magazine

The Fall 2009 issue has this article about the psychology of risk – how well do you measure it?

Other Articles:

If you can be amused by the contemplation of philosophical differences between “geomatics” and “surveying”, you may find this letter entertaining.

Have you ever considered buying a piece of land to build a home – or for the more ambitious – create a subdivision? The Big Sky Journal “Home Edition” from July ’08 featured an article on the sometimes hidden services provided by Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors. Follow this link for more information on how these professionals turn your vision into a “real” estate.


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