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The Scalability Problem – Economics, labor, and demand

Why Are You Innovating – It’s not what you think.

Business Safety – Are you protecting your baby?

Shooting the Elephant – …with lasers?

Just a Reminder – Don’t forget the revenue

Righteous Indignation – Remember your priorities

Professional Antithesis – The engineer’s inner schizophrenic

What Do You Do? – Not just action words

We Are Scientists – No, not the band

Mentor, Coach, Teacher – Are you qualified?

Social License – A state-issued certificate is only part of the deal

Change the World


Back to Basics – What we need now.

Optimism – Attract business with a better attitude.

Alternative Reality – Scenario-based simulation – predicting the future?

Beware of Low Budgets – Not just about the dollars.

Market Your Value – Your attitude means a lot

Recovery Preparations – Expect success

Embracing Risk – Adopting big tobacco’s strategy?

Your Own Cooking – Accepting a stake in the project…is it right for you?

Engaging the Next Generation – The President, the Engineer, and the Neurobiologist…

Fuel the Fire; Don’t Burn Out – You can’t light a fire without a spark.  (Also reprinted in ASCE Philadelphia Section newsletter, December 2009)

The Case for Closure – The emotion and the project.


Present Problems – Engineering education via the “wayback” machine

Just Making Conversation – What makes for “real” communication?

Understanding Technology – Joe Rogan is not an engineer

Take Me Out to the Ballpark – The pitfalls of estimation

Intangible Project Parameters – What you don’t know can hurt you

We Are History – What do we need to know about the past?

Corporate Culture, Company Policy – Where does one begin and the other end?

ROI – Use this important financial tool

Can Marketing Be Engineered? – Such a thing as “marketeering”?

Human Error – Degrees of separation

Who Do You Think You Are? – Does your org chart reflect reality?

Teaching the Next Generation – Should we focus on education or management?


Too Much Revenue? – Could it be possible?

Professional Comparisons – Are there double standards?

Professional Comparisons – Part II – Professional ethics and standards

…these two attracted quite a bit of response – read some here.

Employee Ethics – What happens if employees disagree with the firm?

(Also reprinted on page 11 of the May/June 2007 ASCET newsletter here.)

Risk Management – Using common risk analysis to manage your firm

Networking and Communication – Smoothing out the bumps

Challenge of Engineering – What keeps us motivated?

Internal Strategy – Getting (and keeping) things moving

(With response posted here.)

Is It Worth It? – Crunching the numbers

Standards of Creativity – In or out of the box?

Masters Degrees – To what standard?

Responses to Engineering Management – The previous article caused a stir


Value of Workplace Training – College or On-the-Job?

Engineering Depth & Breadth – How should we educate?

Personality Management – Proactive studies of organizational behavior

Quality of Clients – Knowing who is the right fit for your firm

Intellectual Property – Important information about rights and duties

Engineering: The Hiring Revolution – A broader view of candidates

Project Contracts & Conflicts – Heading-off trouble

…with a letter to the editor in response here.

Sustainability – Some thoughts on the buzz du-jour

Corporate Strategy – Using SWOT to plot a course for the firm

Technological Change – Facing the inevitable

Image Engineering – Some public relations food-for-thought

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