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Sun, Sand, and Glass September 18, 2012

Posted by Jason in Management.
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What will be the next technological revolution?

It’s hard to identify particular divisions of human technology until well after the fact – the Bronze Age, the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age.  Until we can see what comes “next” we don’t have a boundary across which we can observe distinct advances.

Nonetheless, we’re always interested in what the ‘next big thing’ will be.  I’ve told my kids that they will be seeing new energy sources and manufacturing techniques – the former driven by our need to shift away from carbon- and combustion-based energy, and the latter taking advantage of recent developments in what is commonly called ‘3-D printing’.

Of course, we can’t know what we’ll have in 30 or 50 years’ time, but here is a taste of a technology that blends the two potential revolutions into one: solar-powered manufacturing using desert sand.  Short of using the ocean as a future fresh water source, this technology just may be one of the ways that developing countries can compete with the rest of the world.  Take a look at this video and see for yourself.  Also visit the Markus Kayser’s website for more info.

P.S. – this video is in desperate need of a soundtrack.  Whether or not you understand German, I found this one goes quite nicely.



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