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Two, Writing August 28, 2012

Posted by Jason in Management, Writing.

Abstract communication grows from your resourcefulness.


First, there was Vonnegut’s Rules of Writing.  Then, I found these “economic” stories.  But, I write about project management.  How could Vonnegut apply to me?  Condensing that much – is it possible?  Conveying abstract concepts takes some effort.  Like six-word stories, two ‘writers’ contribute.  Sentences clipped, your brain fills in.  Not haiku, but certainly an equivalent.


I don’t think I could write that way for long.  It’s no six-word story, but a string of six-word sentences is a bit hard to read.  It doesn’t flow well, but once you know what to look for, it becomes easier.  But of course that’s not the point.


If you had to convey a complex thought in only six words, could you do it?  We often become lazy with our words, stringing them together without much concern for the linguistic violence we visit on our readers or listeners.  Economizing to six words forces you to think carefully and choose wisely.  It’s a good exercise when struggling with how to communicate.  Less is quite often much more.


Even if you only read and write non-fiction, there are some great tips in many fictional works and from great authors who never heard of project management.



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