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Parenting for Business April 16, 2012

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.
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I’ve often noted that the experiences and preparation that build our abilities come from unexpected places.  So it is with almost any kind of consulting work, in which one must serve in many roles at once – from a coach, to a business partner, to a “doctor” of the ills that affect many organizations.  Not to mention being open to learning something yourself along the way.

In many respects, being a parent can prepare you to fill these various roles – and sometimes it works the other way as well.  Spacefem’s post expresses some of that commonality, and I completely agree that parenting, like the work environment, is all about persuasion, compromise, and personal balance.

We try hard to choose our battles wisely, to focus only on the few things that matter the most.  For many years, like the Miranda act for project managers, I’ve said that, “If you are unable or unwilling to choose a battle, one will be provided for you.”  As a parent, this is almost a daily occurrence.  As a manager, it is an important reminder that not only must one ruthlessly focus and prioritize, but must quickly be able to switch horses when the next problem comes along.



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