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American Education? February 28, 2012

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.
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Seth Godin has just posted what he calls a “30,000 word manifesto” on public education.  I’m sure that it applies to similar systems anywhere, but it is especially pertinent to us Americans.  The problems that he describes are all the more striking when compared with our experiences here in Australia.

With a daughter in high school here, we observe every day the different attitudes toward school, work, university education, and standardized testing.  All of us are the products of an educational system that was founded to produce productive citizens.  But this comes at a price.

I encourage you to take a look at Seth’s short piece, and think about what we expect of our educational system (and, by extension, many of our other American institutions).  He encourages you to comment and discuss this very important issue.  We owe it to ourselves.

A direct link to the PDF version is here.



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