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Plan, Do, Check, Act October 2, 2011

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.

Organizational change is always difficult.  The best laid plans will never be a match for individual human variability.  Change is messy and merely a series of compromises that gradually bring everyone along on generally the same path.

So when managing such change, it is vital to communicate early and often the plan and the next few critical steps, as well as a few distant milestones.  But also make it clear which targets are not set in stone and are subject to their own change as time goes on.  Otherwise, you are just another manager selling the “change du jour” with less and less credibility every time the plan is adjusted.

Everyone resists change.  Not only that, but those in the organization will seize any chance they can to discredit the agents of that change in order to preserve the status quo.  It may indeed be a case of shooting the messenger, but that’s not material to the case.  By consistently following the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (and making it transparent) you can demonstrate that everyone is subject to the same rule of change – flexibility and compromise need not be synonymous with being wishy-washy or a flip-flopper.



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