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Change the World December 7, 2010

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.
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What does it mean to “change the world?”  What comes to mind when we hear this phrase?  Does it mean literally the entire globe, all life, the environment?  Or could it be one of countless subsets, from all humanity to a single country, or even just one community?  Is it a revolution or more of a step in the direction of some unreachable ideal?  Is it a vaccine, or clean water, or democracy?  What about education or the internet?  Do we all have a part to play in changing the world, or are some of us merely spectators?

If someone truly does change the world – however that might be defined – do they receive compensation commensurate with the change?  Does a teacher’s pay reflect their contribution?  Does a doctor’s?  Do we value something other than change on one hand, but wish for change to occur nonetheless?

Why do volunteers, missionaries, and other non-profit entities seem to have visions of changing the world that for-profit enterprises seem to lack?  Does government act as an agent of change, or of stability?