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Coordination April 19, 2010

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.
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“We’re having a coordination meeting to align the stakeholders and make actionable decisions about deliverables.”  Ugh.

What exactly is a “coordination meeting”?

Are the participants expected to do anything different with the information (assuming it is even valuable) than what they would normally do in the course of their work?  Or is it merely a tool to shift accountability from the manager, who can then say, “You should have asked that in the meeting”.

Any meeting needs accomplish some purpose.  It may very well be that information transfer is a key element, but more likely it is not.  For example, let’s say that management needs to coordinate the activities of its IT and marketing staff for a particular effort.  Is this to say that these groups are not already coordinated?  If not, perhaps the job descriptions need a bit of tweaking.  If so, such meetings should be minimal at best, and should only be needed for special projects that probably include other stakeholders anyway (all the more reason to have a SHORT meeting for this purpose).

More than likely however, such meetings are held on a weekly basis and are done out of habit more than anything else.  I won’t repeat them here, but look up the “5 P’s” of meetings to ensure yours are on track and not just time dumps for your staff.



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