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Choose to Notice June 21, 2009

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.

Seth Godin just posted about a game called “Spotto” :


It is just one of many “I spy” type games in which you are looking for some object (usually while on those boring car rides) and shout out something – “Punch Buggy” or “Slug Bug” being always poplular.  The point is that once we choose to notice something, that thing seems to be everywhere – at least more common than we would have guessed previously. This is one reason to explore the world outside of your professional focus.

Engineering education gives us a wide variety of analytical tools with which to solve physical problems.  One of its biggest weaknesses (and this is something hotly debated for decades) is how well it equips graduates with business and people skills.

Most of us have to take personal initiative to continue our education in a way that will best serve our own goals and help our customers to succeed.   And sometimes the simplest tools work the best.  I have participated in a few different “behavioral analysis” workshops as part of my various jobs.  I don’t put much stock in the idea that they are any magic bullet or will help you work with anyone regardless of personality type, but there are some great benefits.

Sometimes simply having a framework and a basic way to roughly characterize someone’s personality can give you a bigger insight than you might think.  And this is just one example.  Take some time to understand such varied things as leadership techniques, public speaking tools, financial statements, and marketing.  It will open your eyes to what is around you.  All of a sudden, you may start to see “the matrix”.



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