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Exciting to be Boring June 3, 2009

Posted by Jason in Daily PM.
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What characteristics are recognized as being common attributes of CEO’s and other business leaders?


People skills?


Interestingly, not necessarily. 

I don’t agree with the attempted universality of any particular study, but this article had some thought-provoking points.  The important take away for me was simply that not every leader is the same, and that just because someone is not a “people person” doesn’t mean they can’t run a business.  The key is to surround yourself with those who make up for your own weaknesses.

Perhaps this is some of the difference between “leader” and “manager”.  Every business needs a bit of both, but in different amounts at different times.  A startup needs a leader who can envision a future that attracts additional human and capital resources.  The organization may be a bit messy.

On the other hand, an established firm that has found its niche needs someone who can provide consistency over time.  The challenge lies in finding a balance between this consistency and the long-term need for innovation to remain competitive.  Sole practitioners are especially prone to this kind of schizophrenia (or, for you clinical psychologists, multiple-personality disorder).

These people need persistent vision to get over the difficulties of starting a business, only to face the necessity of administrative headaches that often become the death of the original passion.  It definitely takes a special brand of crazy to go off into the unknown and chart one’s own course, but perhaps it’s necessary.



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